Healing Arts Training

To become a Healing Arts Facilitator

If you are searching for your truth and the core of who you are, the Liquid Light Frequencies enable you to remember who you are and truly come home to yourself. This is an amazing opportunity to step into this work, undergo training and become a facilitator. You will learn how to facilitate Liquid Light Frequencies Sessions from the space of the heart and unconditional love.

My Personal Testimony: "I had been open and looking for a new direction and way of working with the Light. This workshop truly shifted me. I am not the same as when I came through the doors. I feel awakened, alive, re-birthed, remembered, reconnected, and realigned into an incredible new reality. Liquid Light Frequencies are perfect for this time, this now, in assisting every human being to shift their vibration and come into alignment with the frequency we need."

Take a look at this video and see if you feel called:

Our Product Line

Our Liquid Light Frequencies, and other products, are currently created in the Netherlands and shipped directly to distributors around the world. The website offers direct shipping, but to avoid the additional cost of international rates, we recommend you order directly from someone in your own country near you. To view all products available, please visit our WEBSHOP. In the near future our California Distribution center will become active.

Ordering In The USA

If you would like to place an order, discuss USA prices, or are a shop owner and would like to carry our products in your store, please contact me direct @ 949-302-2754, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am - 3pm pacific, or via the email form provided, and I will be more than happy to share more about us with you.

There is no time like the present time to BECOME!

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Liquid Light Frequencies!

I am a trained Healing Arts~Liquid Light Frequencies Facilitator, as well as one of the California Distributors for our fabulous products. The best way to introduce you to these is to have you watch a little video:

Healing Arts Vision

Everyone works on the basis of independence, own responsibility, and mutual respect within the Healing Arts Organization. The Healing Arts Organization has no employees. Everyone who contributes to the general field does this by mutual cooperation, using their own talents and insights. The financial pillars are built from independence and entrepreneurship. In this sense, the organizational structure aligns with the content of the light remedies: building a new way of living together in which there is respect for each person’s capability and talent, on the basis of wholeness and orientation to “light and love”.The Healing Arts Organization is a platform for inspiration and an invitation for people to express their individual qualities. Either as a therapist, teacher, article or book writer.

What Makes The Liquid Light Frequencies Work?
The active ingredient is the light vibration that is stored in the fluid of the Healing Arts Frequencies. They consist of water and brandy as conservation agent.The light vibration of a Healing Arts bottle activates light as source of healing and works on the subtle bodies, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These regulate the physical body. At a subtle level we consist of series of light energies in many colors and vibrational frequencies. Light is a carrier of consciousness.  Emotional blockages are energetic stagnations and literally lead to blocked energy channels. The Healing Arts light frequencies have a direct effect on the flow of energy through all light channels and their vibrational frequency. The higher your light field vibrates, the lighter you are – both literally and figuratively. The light frequencies help you to increase your light vibration, turn on new light fields and dissolve blockages. Each change in your light vibration has a direct effect on your awareness of who you are and your relationship to the greater whole. Self healing is a logical consequence of insight and greater love for who you are in essence.The Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies can be used together with any complementary therapy.The Healing Arts Therapy can be used as sole therapy, but also forms an excellent additive therapy for orthodox treatments and/or other forms of complementary medicine.

The care & feeding of


Liquid Light Frequencies Sessions

I would invite you to schedule a private session with me to explore and experience the powerful effect these frequencies have on our multi-dimensional selves. The light remedies support the energetic work during a session. The light remedies magnify our consciousness. With he help of a light frequency we are able to become clairvoyant, clairaudient or to have clear feeling, knowing, or smelling. These fields of information cover our own childhood and previous lives back to the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, and the origins of the earth. For some of us they will also remember us to our origin from other star systems, because he light remedies activate our galactic level of consciousness; fields of information beyond the earth and lives on planets, stars and light ships with a higher frequency than the earth. A client is given insight into the totality of her / his other ‘selves’ and is supported to integrate those other selves into her / his earthly reality so that this becomes an expression of her / his total consciousness. For additional reading on the light remedies I direct you to the home website.

Sessions With Me

Like me, you are probably an individual (no matter what age you might be) who is experiencing realities in other realms through lucid dreaming or conscious traveling on the airwaves with your light body. Through your direct perception of other realities, you may find you are connecting to beings or aspects of yourself from other dimensional realities. Theses aspects vary and present themselves as beings from the earth realm like faeries, elves, gnomes and goblins, elementals and dragons. Other light being experiences include angels, ascended masters and other Star planetary beings like Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, and Andromedan. Also unicorns, light dragons, Pegasus or what we call ET’s. If we talk about these beings, we have a tendency from the old energy to perceive them as our guides, or as beings which exist outside of us. We perceive these beings often as ‘more’ than us. The new reality is that these energies or beings are actually us, as they are our other selves from a perceived future state which coexists through the NOW.

Multidimensional aspects of ourself, who have their parallel existence in other frequencies, coexist in a reality that is based on a different set of laws and metaphysics, yet are in a universal state of creation.  As the veils between the different realms are getting thinner and thinner, some other realities are bleeding through into this reality either by dreams or daily “day dream’ or meditative experiences. The beauty of this is that our multidimensional selves are offering us abilities to change this reality by transforming our sensory perception co creating a fifth dimensional reality on earth as a human collective. We live and exist in either the fifth dimensional reality or in higher dimensions. The exchange is both ways. We are being presented with new ways of living and these reality paradigms sometimes merge with us. In this way our physical bodies receive upgrades and regenerative frequencies so that they hold more light and can then experience and explore a more tangible sensory world in higher frequency living realities. Most of our other selves have a higher love frequency and are assisting us, humanity, and our earth plane. There are also other selves who are less aligned to unconditional love and who are also drawn to receiving an upgrade through  who we are as a human being.

Multidimensionality and extraterrestrial experiences are largely still being denied in most of humanities' daily life by the general media.

If you have these experiences, it is important to be assisted by someone who is experienced in feeling these other dimensional sensory territories. As a Healing Arts practitioner, I have been trained to experience and work within these areas and to assist you to make the leap from a three dimensional to a multidimensional reality. I will assist you in the “Here and Now” or a unified oneness field of unconditional love to bring together all the parallel realities into an even more grounded and loving existence within your physical body here on earth. If these words create a sensation within you, then listen to that calling and connect with me today

I also offer a monthly Light Frequencies Inner Child Wisdom event and meditation. For more information on this, please CLICK HERE.