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Private Sessions

If you wish to schedule a live or Skype / google+ hangout private session with me, please view SERVICES for information details.

My joy is to dance this life with other Light Beings. To share the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired over all lifetimes.

To assist in your Light Body activation and, to not only witness your own spiritual evolution, but continue to undergo my own as well.

It has been and will continue to be my great pleasure to assist the awakening of Angels, Star Beings,  Sidhe, and Avatars who have chosen to be born in physical bodies and are ready to awaken.

I stand ready to welcome and assist you in your own awakening and spiritual evolution.

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MEET Kisma


My name is Kisma Reidling, and I am a Cultural Creative.

I have undergone many years of training and practice in various areas of metaphysics, including world religions and alternative spiritual traditions. 

My areas of experience and expertise are broad and include, but are not limited to: Reiki, crystals, shamanism, sacred geometry, alchemy, psychic abilities, herbalism, flower essences, astrology, tarot, and spiritual counseling.

The values I hold include such things as: being authentic, taking action, "walking my talk", eliminating deception, becoming whole, recognizing we are all inter-connected, striving for community and cooperation, earth / global stewardship, gender balance & equality, self-actualization and spirituality, optimism, Nowing, being a co-creator, being a solution, and sharing knowledge. 

My spiritual background is founded in the Irish Faery-Faith; an earth oriented tradition that transcends the popular image of "fairies," and is actually much older than the 17th c. Jacobean beliefs. The Faery-Faith is druidic, bardic, pagan, and esoteric christianity. While my spiritual beliefs might flavor some of my techniques, they are personal and thus kept private. However, I am always open to sharing about them and answering any questions, when asked.

Most importantly, my goal and focus is on altering vibration, and aligning with a very refined and high frequency; one that opens the mind, helps us remember and supports us in not only activating the Light Body but maintaining connection with the 5th Dimension & higher dimensions, and the Divine.

We have been given a great gift in this current living and the opportunity to embrace this gift by opening our minds, expanding our consciousness to refine all aspects of our being is auspicious.  My personal teachings are geared toward assisting you in achieving greater levels of awareness, increasing your sensitivity to energy and alternate dimensions, enhancing your Light Body, developing and strengthening your psychic or intuitive abilities, and deepening your communion with Divinity, be it the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Shining Ones, Star Beings, Gods, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Otherworld Beings by bridging the gap between your multi-dimensional selves and your current YOU.

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