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All our online events & classes are held on-line in Google+, a rich and easy-to-use environment. Please follow these simple directions to prepare yourself for our joining with us:

  • Go to and create a FREE account. Suggestion: use the name you want associated with us. Bookmark that page.
  • Go to Google+ and download the FREE application onto your computer to comfortably use Google+ on any internet browser (Google Chrome recommended), and then OPEN Google+ and log-in with your gmail account.  
  • Take 30 minutes to explore this set-up. Note in upper right corner a small box created by 3 rows of 3 dots (inbetween your name and a bell icon). Click this and you will see all the ways to move about.  To the left side of the page you will see HOME a toggle down arrow. Click the arrow and a menu falls down. CHOOSE "People"  and search for Kisma Reidling. 2 selections will appear; one with a photo and the other with artwork. Click the 2nd one with the artwork and then ADD. You are now following our linked with The Care & Feeding of Light Body Network and will begin to receive EMAILS. Once you become a member or register for a class, you will be invited into our CIRCLE -- Light Body (a private circle) and receive email notifications. 
  • If you need assistance, let me know by sending a note and I will meet with you privately and give you a walking tour of Google+ and our hangouts.


Are YOU a Faery Godmother/Father and want to sponsor a membership?

Let's be honest and recognize that some of us have more resources available than others, and while we believe in an abundant universe, and strive for true balance between all people, some individuals are still undergoing their own prosperity training.  Spirituality is only for those with income, nor is it only for those who think it goes hand-in-hand with being impoverished. While we have an open door policy and will never turn anyone away due to lack of income, we are also realists and not in a position -- YET!-- to provide all things FREE of charge. Therefore, this is an opportunity to share your resources and become someone's Guardian Angel!   

Use the following paypal. Blessings on YOU!

Fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss your direction, answer your questions, or thank you for the class and/or event donation.

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Unity, community, cooperation, sharing, support and service is, in my humble opinion, the only way our world will change; it's the only attitude that serves all of us, rather than a few. Joining with us as a member involves an anual membership dues, that you have the choice to renew or not; it is good for one calendar year. Membership offers you FREE attendance at all EVENTS: New Moons, Full Moons, and Holy Days for the duration of the membership timeline, as well as access to web archives, private online meetings and member only events, and a one-time new member spiritual counseling session with Kisma (doesn't repeat every renewal!). We did not sit down and calculate what the full cost of these things would be, it doesn't matter, and the membership cost is set via divine guidance, based on numerology and the vibration that will also effect abundance back to you. Naturally, if you have any questions, just SEND US A NOTE, and we'll get back to you within a few days. Please visit our forum on Google+ where we hold all our events now.



​If JOINING between the months of January - June 31st

​1/2 YEAR MEMBERSHIP - $150.00

If JOINING between the months of July - December 31st